Principles of Gynecologic Oncology Surgery

By Pedro T Ramirez, MD, Michael Frumovitz, MD and Nadeem R Abu-Rustum, MD
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With an emphasis on a practical, "how-to" approach, this comprehensive text addresses the most important and commonly performed procedures in gynecologic oncology surgery today. Written by leaders in the field, Principles of Gynecologic Oncology Surgery clearly describes the critical steps for each procedure, provides up-to-date information on the recent literature, and includes high-quality illustrations of anatomy and technique.

  • Covers hot topics such as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), sentinel lymph node mapping, and minimally invasive surgery (robotic surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, and single site surgery).
  • Includes expert coverage of reconstructive surgery, colorectal surgery, urology, and vascular surgery, each written by surgeon leaders in that particular field.
  • Addresses the diagnosis, management and prevention of surgical complications.
  • Features videos online that guide you through a multitude of procedures, including abdominal exploration using laparoscopy for evaluation of cytoreduction in advanced ovarian cancer, laparoscopic hysterectomies with sentinel lymph node mapping, radical hysterectomy, robotic radical trachelectomy, and more.
  • Expert Consult™ eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, Q&As, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
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作者資訊 By Pedro T Ramirez, MD, Professor, Department of Gynecologic Oncology & Reproductive Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas; Michael Frumovitz, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Gynecologic Oncology & Reproductive Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas and Nadeem R Abu-Rustum, MD, Professor Weill Cornell Medical College, Chief, Gynecology Service, Department of Surgery, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York
Table of Content

I. Introduction

II. Principles of abdominal and pelvic surgery

III. Abdominal and Pelvic Anatomy

IV. Vulvar/Vaginal Cancer
1. Preoperative evaluation
2. Vulvectomy and sentinel node mapping
3. Groin lymphadenectomy
4. Vaginectomy
5. Management of surgical complications

V. Cervical Cancer
1. Preoperative evaluation
2. Indications for surgery for early- and locally advanced disease
3. Conservative surgery
4. Radical hysterectomy
5. Sentinel node mapping
6. Surgical staging for treatment planning
7.  Management of surgical complications

VI. Endometrial Cancer
1. Preoperative evaluation
2. Indications for sentinel node mapping and lymphadenectomy
3. Technique of standard hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy

VII. Ovarian Cancer
1. Preoperative evaluation
2. Indications for laparoscopic assessment for cytoreduction
3. Radical upper abdominal surgery (liver, diaphragm, spleen)
4. Radical pelvic surgery
5. Complications and management of radical cytoreduction

VIII. Pelvic Exenteration
1. Preoperative evaluation
2. Removal of specimen (would refer to other chapters for bowel surgery, creation of urinary conduit, and reconstruction)
3. Complications of exenteration   

IX. Surgery on the Intestinal Tract
1. Principles (vascularity, tension free, hand sewn vs stapled, etc)
2. Small bowel resection/anastomosis
3. Large bowel resection/anastomosis
4. Creation of a stomae
5. Complications and management of complications

X. Surgery on the Urinary Tract
1. Principles
2. Repair of cystotomy
3. Reimplantation of ureter
4. Creation of neobladders (incontinent pouches, continent pouches, etc)
5. Complications and management

XI. Pelvic Reconstructive Procedures
1. Rectus abdominus flap
2. Gracilis flap
3. Continent and incontinent urinary diversion

XII. Management of General Complications
1. GI injuries
2. GU injuries
3. Vascular injuries

XIII. Management of Radiation Complications
1. Radiation-related bowel obstruction
2. Fistulae
3. Radiation necrosis

XIV. Novel Surgery in Gynecologic Oncology
1. Image-guided surgery
2. Single-site minimally invasive surgery
3. Robotic surgery

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