Scheuer's Liver Biopsy Interpretation , 10th Edition

By Jay H. Lefkowitch, MD
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Trusted for more than 50 years by pathologists in practice and in training, Scheuer's Liver Biopsy Interpretation is a well-organized, superbly illustrated guide designed to help solve diagnostic problems at the microscope. Authored by renowned expert Dr. Jay Lefkowitch and reflecting the extensive experience of the late Dr. Peter Scheuer, this practical text contains technical tips, diagnostic clues, and pearls on all aspects of liver pathology diagnosis, including acute and chronic hepatitis, biliary tract diseases, childhood disorders, and hepatic neoplasms - as well as ancillary topics such as biopsy assessment, laboratory techniques, normal liver histology, and transplantation. Throughout the text, histopathologic features are correlated with clinical features, molecular genetics, and immunohistochemistry to provide a practical account of how pathology impacts the diagnosis and management of liver disease.

ISBN 9780702075841
作者資訊 By Jay H. Lefkowitch, MD, Professor of Clinical Pathology and Cell Biology, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, New York

"It will indeed be useful to all those who 'interpret liver biopsies', whether trainees or specialists. Uniquely for a histopathology textbook, those clinicians who care for patients with liver disease will also find it to be an accessible and user-friendly resource to be consulted as required. I will certainly be recommending this book as a 'must-buy' for our trainee library." -Dr Kathryn Griffin (Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists, January 2021)

"This practical guide is an excellent resource to practicing pathologists who interpret liver biopsies. The outstanding book organization allows readers to reference a particular section of the book to supplement their biopsy interpretation in real-time. Overall, this book is a great addition to the personal libraries of pathologists who interpret liver biopsies."

-Julianne M Szczepanski, MD (University of Michigan Medical School) Doody's Review Score: 97-5 Stars!

Table of Content
  1. General Principles of Biopsy Assessment
  2. Laboratory Techniques
  3. The Normal Liver
  4. Assessment and Differential Diagnosis of Pathological Features
  5. Biliary Disease
  6. Acute Viral Hepatitis
  7. Steatosis, Steatohepatitis and Related Conditions
  8. Drugs and Toxins
  9. Chronic Hepatitis
  10. Cirrhosis
  11. Neoplasms and Nodules
  12. Vascular Disorders
  13. Childhood Liver Disease and Metabolic Disorders
  14. Disturbances of Copper and Iron Metabolism
  15. The Liver in Systemic Disease and Pregnancy
  16. The Liver in Organ Transplantation
  17. Electron Microscopy and Other Techniques
出版日期 10-06-2020
Pages 454
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    Jay H. Lefkowitch
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