Severe and Complex Neurological Disability

By Pauline M. Pope, FCSP, BA, MSc, SRP
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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. This book presents a holistic approach to the complete, long-term, day-to-day care of patients disabled by neurological conditions, emphasizing practices that promote physical well-being and minimize secondary complications. It focuses on physical management within the context of the lifestyle of the disabled person and primary caregiver. In addition, it highlights the difficulties commonly encountered when implementing a physical management regime, and discusses the importance of compromise.

  • The complete physical management and day-to-day care is described in a practical and applicable way.
  • Best practices are presented in relation to caring for a person with profound impairment and residual disability.
  • Holistic and detailed long-term physical management strategies are described, related to the more severe and complex neurological conditions.
  • Real-life examples help readers understand the applications of theory in practice.
  • Case studies strengthen readers' critical thinking and decision making skills.
  • Social considerations and the importance of therapeutic leisure activities are included.
ISBN 9780750688253
作者資訊 By Pauline M. Pope, FCSP, BA, MSc, SRP, Consultant Physiotherapist
已刊登評論 'Pauline Pope has been a true champion and advocate for patients who would previously have
been considered 'beyond help'. Her book bears witness to the achievement of impossibility in
this context. It is essential reading for all professionals involved with the care of people with
long-term neurological conditions.' Lynne Turner-Stokes DM FRCP, Northwick Park Hospital
and King's College, London.

"Aimed at therapists, nurses, doctors and carers, this book provides
essential information on all aspects of care for patients with severe and
complex neuro-disability. Pauline Pope provides an understanding of how and
why structures of the body may be compromised for these patients, and also
of the many secondary complications that can occur. Through this
understanding, the book deals with appropriate management for such patients,
maximising remaining functional ability and minimising secondary

"It is a very comprehensive read, providing a sound reference for all
professionals and carers involved in the care of patients with sever and
complex neuro-disability."

Kate Turner, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford.
Table of Content 1. Introduction

2. Posture

3. Development of Secondary Complications

4. Assessment and Outcome Measures

5. Body Structure and Mechanisms of Control

6. Building a Stable Posture

7. Customized Support

8. The Complete Physical Management Regime

9. Therapeutic Leisure Activities

10. Complementary Interventions

11. The Carer's Perspective

12. The Art of Compromise

13. The Evidence for Management
出版日期 05-01-2007
Pages 300
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