SmartClip Self-Ligating Appliance System

By Hugo Trevisi, DDS
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This is a unique book on the use of the SmartClip self-ligating appliance system, written by an internationally-known authority on the subject. It guides the reader towards the achievement of the best possible results for the orthodontic patient through the use of this new system.

SmartClip Self-Ligating Appliance System: Concept and Biomechanics will be ideal for orthodontists using the preadjusted conventional appliances, for those already using the SmartClip system and for those new to it.

  • A practical and clearly illustrated introduction to a self-ligating appliance system which involves low force levels, sliding biomechanics and decreased friction
  • Clear description of a new bracket positioning system, based on the individual characteristics of each tooth, providing perfect functional occlusion at the end of treatment
  • Stress is laid on the importance of considering occlusion in treating orthodontic cases
  • Numerous case histories give detailed examples of the use of the system
  • Presentation of the advantages of the system - shorter patient chair time and overall treatment time, longer intervals between visits, less patient discomfort, better oral hygiene
ISBN 9780723433958
作者資訊 By Hugo Trevisi, DDS, Presidente Prudente, Brazil
已刊登評論 "Examples of beautifully treated cases are displayed in full color throughout the text. Clinicians wishing to treat cases using the SmartClip Self-Ligating System should encounter no difficulty following the text."

Dr. Jacobson, School of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics, Birmingham AL, USA
Table of Content * A historical overview of orthodontic fixed appliances

* Development of the SmartClip Self-ligating Appliance

* Customized bracket positioning system

* Sliding mechanics for orthodontic movements

* Versatility of the SmartClip Self-ligating Appliance

* Occlusion in orthodontics
出版日期 05-09-2007
Pages 288
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