Student Workbook for The Administrative Dental Assistant , 5th Edition

By Linda J Gaylor, RDA, BPA, MEd
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Enhance your learning with a wealth of interactive exercises for practice, reinforcement, and recall! An indispensable companion to the textbook, the Student Workbook for The Administrative Dental Assistant, 5th Edition combines the key objectives and content of the book with challenging exercises - putting the information you need into a practical context. Separated by chapter for easy correlation to the text, the workbook contains chapter summaries; learning objectives; short-answer, matching, multiple-choice and/or fill-in-the-blank questions; case scenarios followed by critical thinking questions, new Computer Application Exercises; and fun puzzles to reinforce key terminology. The Dentrix Learning Edition practice management software is available for download on Evolve combined with original exercises in the workbook help you learn to navigate it, as well as new content on dental office technology, communication and social media, and more.

  • Correlation with the textbook enables you to follow along at every step to ensure your comprehension before moving forward.
  • Dentrix Learning Edition practice management software available on Evolve offers you practice using one of the most widely used programs in dental offices nationwide.
  • Original practice management exercises developed by the text author work in conjunction with the Dentrix Learning Edition software to help you experience what it is like to work with dental practice management software.
  • Review questions, exercises, and puzzles reinforce learning and offer a myriad of opportunities for self-assessment.
ISBN 9780323680554
作者資訊 By Linda J Gaylor, RDA, BPA, MEd, Coordinator, Curriculum and Instruction; San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools; Regional Occupational Program, Career Training, and Support Services; San Bernardino, California
Table of Content

PART I: Introduction to the Dental Profession
1. Orientation to the Dental Profession
2. Dental Basics

PART II: Communication Skills: Principles and Practices
3. Communication Skills and Tools
4. Written Correspondence and Electronic Communication
5. Patient Relations
6. Dental Healthcare Team Communications

PART III: Managing Dental Office Systems
7. Computerized Dental Practice
8. Patient Clinical Records
9. Information Management and Security
10. Dental Patient Scheduling
11. Continuing Care Program (Recall or Re-care Systems)
12. Inventory Management
13. Office Equipment

PART IV: Managing Dental Office Finances
14. Financial Arrangement and Collection Procedures
15. Dental Insurance Processing
16. Bookkeeping Procedures: Accounts Payable
17. Bookkeeping Procedures: Accounts Receivable

PART V: Managing Your Career
18. Employment Strategies

Appendix: Patient Paperwork

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  1. The Administrative Dental Assistant
    Linda J Gaylor
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