The Art and Science of Patient Education for Health Literacy

By Melissa Stewart, DNP, RN, CPE
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Most healthcare providers know that health literacy is a major barrier to positive health outcomes, but regardless of good intentions they continue to simply present health information rather than promote deep patient learning. With Dr. Melissa N. Stewart's unique, research-driven approach, The Art and Science of Patient Education for Health Literacy helps you make the shift from simply presenting health information to activating deep patient learning. Revised and thoroughly updated from Dr. Stewart's Practical Patient Literacy: The MEDAGOGY Model, The Art and Science of Patient Education for Health Literacy equips both students and healthcare providers with the skills needed to engage patients' brains in order to help them understand their conditions and promote long-lasting behavior change. Based on the neuroscience of learning, this groundbreaking book is packed with abundant tools to teach students and practitioners how to negotiate effectively with patients about what they will and won't do to maintain and improve their health. Equipped with enhanced levels of health literacy, your patients will better understand their illnesses and become their own best healthcare advocates.

  • UNIQUE! Focus on the author's proven patient literacy model applies a reliable methodology to promote patient health and reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Practical, patient-centered approach emphasizes how to help patients formulate their own healthcare goals to promote their own health.
  • In-depth discussion of pedagogy and andragogy introduces how these concepts can be used to teach different patients and accommodate their educational needs.
  • Case Studies promote reader engagement and active learning.
  • Guidance on how to understand the patient's emotional state and grieving process helps you understand when and how best to communicate health information.
  • Handy tools such as the Patient Education Hierarchy, Informational Seasons, the PITS mode, and the UPP tool add direction to individual and/or team patient education efforts.
ISBN 9780323609081
作者資訊 By Melissa Stewart, DNP, RN, CPE, Associate Professor and Award-Winning Health Literacy/Care Transitions Consultant, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Table of Content

Section I: Shifting the Focus to the Patient

1. The Problem of Health Literacy
2. The Patient's Perspective
3. Education Theory

Section II: Effective Teaching and Learning

4. Information Exchange
5. The Science and Theories of Learning
6. Health Promotion Theories

Section III: Patient Knowledge

7. Patient Learning
8. Informational Seasons of Knowledge
9. The Brain and Memory

Section IV: Information Delivery Methodology

10. The PITS Model
11. The Medagogy Conceptual Framework
12. Assessing Patient Knowledge Using the Understanding Personal Perception Tool
13. Partnership: The NEW Model of Healthcare
14. Legal Implications Associated with Patient Education 


出版日期 16-12-2019
Pages 242
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