The Foundations of Chinese Medicine , 3rd Edition

By Giovanni Maciocia, CAc(Nanjing)
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This highly successful textbook covers the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and discusses in detail the use of acupuncture points and the principles of treatment. The material is based on rigorous reference to ancient and modern Chinese texts, and explains the application of theory in the context of Western clinical practice. The new edition features new and updated material plus an accompanying website containing over 650 self-testing questions in a variety of formats.

 "For the student or practitioner of Chinese medicine this is a definitive text book." Reviewed by Jim Young on behalf of, Aug 2015

  • 25th Anniversary edition of the Western world's best-selling book on Chinese medicine!
  • Logical, sequential organization builds from basic theoretical concepts, through functions of individual organs, diagnosis, pathology, pattern recognition & disease categories, and the appropriate use of acupuncture points
  • Clearly explains the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine to Western medical audiences
  • Based on a unique and invaluable combination of extensive clinical experience in the West, current Chinese Medicine textbooks and ancient sources, in particular, the 'Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine' (Nei Jing) and the 'Classic of Difficulties' (Nan Jing)
  • Includes Pinyin equivalents to make it immediately evident which original term is being translated
  • Abundantly illustrated with over 750 line drawings and more than 1000 tables & boxes designed to emphasize the key facts
  • End of chapter Learning Outcomes point out 'must-know' information
  • Cases Studies and Case Histories apply theory to diagnosis and treatment, bringing the subject to life in a realistic context
  • An extensive Glossary explains new terms and their origins from translation
  • Additional Appendices list Prescriptions, Bibliography and Chinese Chronology
  • Authored by Giovanni Maciocia, one of the Western world's leading subject matter experts
ISBN 9780702052163
作者資訊 By Giovanni Maciocia, CAc(Nanjing), Acupuncturist and Medical Herbalist, UK; Visiting Professor, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, People's Republic of China.

"..this rich tapestry of Chinese medical practice and philosophy does offer a unique illumination of a divine subject." Reviewed by Jim Young on behalf of, Aug 2015

Table of Content

1 Yin - Yang

2 The Five Elements

3 The Vital Substances

4 The Transformation of Qi

5 The Functions of the Internal Organs

6 The Functions of the Heart

7 The Functions of the Liver

8 The Functions of the Lungs

9 The Functions of the Spleen

10 The Functions of the Kidneys

11 The Functions of the Pericardium

12 Yin Organ Interrelationships

13 The Functions of the Stomach

14 The Functions of the Small Intestine

15 The Functions of the Large Intestine

16 Functions of the Gall Bladder

17 The Functions of the Bladder

18 The Functions of the Triple Burner

19 The Functions of the Six Extraordinary Yang Organs (The Four Seas)

20 Internal Causes of Disease

21 External Causes of Disease

22 Miscellaneous Causes of Disease

23 Diagnosis by Observation

24 Diagnosis by Interrogation

25 Diagnosis by Palpation

26 Diagnosis by Hearing and Smelling

27 The Pathology of Full and Empty Conditions

28 The Pathology of Yin-Yang Imbalance

29 Pathology of the Qi Mechanism

30 Identification of Patterns According to the Eight Principles

31 Identification of Patterns According to Qi-Blood-Body Fluids

32 Heart Patterns

33 Pericardium Patterns

34 Liver Patterns

35 Lung Patterns

36 Spleen Patterns

37 Kidney Patterns

38 Stomach Patterns

39 Small Intestine Patterns

40 Large Intestine Patterns

41 Gall-Bladder Patterns

42 Bladder Patterns

43 Identification of Patterns According to Pathogenic Factors

44 Identification of Patterns According to the Six Stages

45 Identification of Patterns According to the Four Levels

46 Identification of Patterns According to the Three Burners

47 Identification of Patterns According to the 12 Channels

48 Identification of Patterns to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

49 Identification of Patterns According to the Five Elements

50 The Five Transporting Points (Shu Points)

51 The Functions of Specific Categories of Points

52 The 8 Extraordinary Vessels: Introduction

53 The 8 Extraordinary Vessels

54 Lung Channel

55 Large Intestine Channel

56 Stomach Channel

57 Spleen Channel

58 Heart Channel

59 Small Intestine Channel

60 Bladder Channel

61 Kidney Channel

62 Pericardium Channel

63 Triple Burner Channel

64 Gall-Bladder Channel

65 Liver Channel

66 Directing Vessel (Ren Mai)

67 Governing Vessel

68 Extra Points

69 Principles of Treatment

70 Principles of Combination Points

出版日期 13-07-2015
Pages 1292
Trim 246 X 189 (7 11/16 x 9 7/16)
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