Understanding Disability

By Sally French, MCSP, DipTP, BSc, MSc(Psych), MSc(Soc), PhD and John Swain, BSc, PGCE, MSc, PhD
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This book examines disability, in an accessible and interactive style, as it relates to healthcare policy and practice. It is aimed at physiotherapists and occupational therapists, both sutdents and practitioners, but will also be useful to all healthcare workers, including nurses, doctors and speech and language therapists.

  • Based on the social rather than the medical model of disability
  • Views disability in terms of environmental, structural and attitudinal barriers which deny disabled people full participation in society
  • Engages health professionals in critical reflection on the provision of services to disabled people
  • Case studies and activities throughout facilitate understanding of issues presented
ISBN 9780443101397
作者資訊 By Sally French, MCSP, DipTP, BSc, MSc(Psych), MSc(Soc), PhD, Senior Lecturer, School of Management and Social Sciences, King Alfred's College of Higher Education, Winchester, UK; and John Swain, BSc, PGCE, MSc, PhD, Principal Lecturer (Research) and Reader in Disability Studies, Faculty of Health, Social Work and Education, University of Northumbria, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
已刊登評論 "I recommend it to all occupational therapists"
Rose Gollop,British Journal of Occupational Therapy September 2008 71(9)
Table of Content Foreword by Frances Reynolds

1. What is critical reflection?
2. What is disability?
3. How did we get here?
4. Servicing the body
5. Disabled people's experiences of health care
6. The experiences of disabled health and caring professionals
7. Controlling services
8. What is empowerment?
9. What is partnership?
10. How do services meet diverse needs?
11. How do professionals find out?
12. Reflecting back to reflect forward


出版日期 06-02-2008
Pages 256
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