Updates on Neonatal Chronic Lung Disease

Edited by Suhas G. Kallapur and Gloria S. Pryhuber
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ISBN 9780323683531
作者資訊 Edited by Suhas G. Kallapur and Gloria S. Pryhuber
Table of Content

1. What is lung disease in prematurely born infants?
2. Histopathologic Phenotypes of BPD/chILD
3. Animal models in BPD
4. Initiating Multiomics Approach to Understand Neonatal Chronic Lung Disease: the LungMAP Experience
5. Epigenetics of BPD
6. Advancing Imaging modalities in BPD
7. Pulmonary function tests in BPD: the what, why and how
8. Pulmonary hypertension and cardiac changes in BPD: etiology, detection and management
9. Lung inflammation and Innate Immunity in BPD
10. Airway microbiome and BPD
11. Postnatal infections and Adaptive Immunology of BPD
12. Optimum nutritional management for prevention and treatment of chronic lung disease
13. Control of Breathing or Sleep Disordered Breathing, who and when to screen
14. Oxygen saturation targeting (incuding update on closed loop oxygen control)
15. Non invasive ventilation: Does it reduce BPD? Can we improve?
16. Effective therapies and strategies to prevent BPD
17. Ventilation strategies in BPD: where we are and where we should be going
18. Management of severe BPD requiring chronic medical support
19. Advances in Post discharge respiratory management, prophylaxis and therapy
20. Short term and long term outcomes after BPD
21. Reciprocal, multi-organ effects of chronic lung disease of prematurity; Lung-brain and Lung-kidney cross-talk
22. Emerging therapies in BPD; Stem cells and exosomes
23. Burden of BPD on the Care-Givers; Nurses, Families, Physicians

出版日期 28-11-2019
Pages 340
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