Wellbeing in Dementia , 2nd Edition

By Tessa Perrin, PhD, MSc, DipCot, Hazel May, MA, DipCOT, SROT and Elizabeth Milwain, MA, MSc, D.Phil
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The authors, specialists in the UK, draw on developmental theory to propose a model of practice specifically for dementia care. The number of people who suffer from dementia is increasing and in consequence the problems it presents are affecting a growing number of therapists and carers. Many of these problems are peculiar to dementia and the models of care used with other client groups have proved inadequate when dealing with the provision of quality of care to people who have dementia. This revised edition contains a new opening chapter which brings our understanding of dementia up-to-date. The book looks at the relationship between occupation, wellbeing and dementia and examines the critical role of the carer in developing therapeutic interventions.

Proposes a realistic model of practice for dementia care which centres on the unique occupational potential of the person with dementia.
Offers positive strategies to improve wellbeing.
Current information on assessment tools.
Written by therapists with extensive experience in working with this client group.
ISBN 9780443103995
作者資訊 By Tessa Perrin, PhD, MSc, DipCot, Independent Occupational Therapist; Hazel May, MA, DipCOT, SROT, University of Bradford, School of Health Studies, Bradford Dementia Group, West Yorkshire, UK and Elizabeth Milwain, MA, MSc, D.Phil, University Teacher, Bradford Dementia Group
已刊登評論 "Wellbeing in Dementia: An Occupational Approach for Therapists and Carers is a most insightful book, with authors who clearly have extensive experience of working with people with dementia, and is to be recommended for all therapists who work in, or are new to, this field of practice."
International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, March 2009, Vol 16, No 3
Table of Content


Preface to 2nd edition

1. Understanding dementia
2. Occupational therapy revisited
3. The altered world of dementia
4. The significance of the carer
5. The playful practitioner
6. Principles of good practice in dementia care
7. Non-verbal communication: the currency of wellbeing
8. A model for dementia care
9. Assessing capacity for doing and promoting engagement
10. The dementia therapist: a good enough mother?


出版日期 29-09-2008
Pages 176
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