Wilkins' Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care , 8th Edition

By Al Heuer, PhD, MBA, RRT, RPFT
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Wilkin's Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care, 8th Edition, is the world-leading respiratory care text devoted exclusively to patient assessment. This comprehensive book prepares you to assist physicians in the decision-making process regarding treatment, evaluation of the treatment's effectiveness, and determining if changes in the treatment need to be made. Written by Dr. Albert Heuer, and Dr. Craig Scanlan, it emphasizes learning objectives through well-organized need-to-know information and tips. Plus, this streamlined edition helps you focus on key content and prepare for the CRT credentialing exam by aligning material within the book to the NBRC exam matrices.

  • Case studies offer real-life clinical scenarios challenging you to interpret data and make accurate patient assessments.
  • Questions to Ask boxes identify what practitioners should ask patients (i.e., coughing, sputum, shortness of breath) or questions to ask themselves on various subjects (i.e., lung sounds they are hearing, blood pressure, respiratory rate) in order to provide effective patient care.
  • Learning objectives, chapter outlines, chapter overviews, and key terms lists in each chapter, help you focus on key content.
  • Key Point summaries emphasize the learning objectives and provide an overview of important material.
  • Simply Stated boxes highlight and promote understanding of important concepts.
  • A comprehensive approach provides you with the important information you need to know in order to effectively assess patients.
ISBN 9780323416351
作者資訊 By Al Heuer, PhD, MBA, RRT, RPFT, Associate Professor and Program Director, Respiratory Care Program, School of Health Related Professions, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey
Table of Content

1.  Preparing for the Patient Encounter
2.  The Medical History and the Interview
3.  Cardiopulmonary Symptoms
4.  Vital Signs
5.  Fundamentals of Physical Examination
6. Neurological Assessment of the Respiratory Care Patient
7.  Clinical Laboratory Studies
8.  Interpretation of Blood Gases
9.  Pulmonary Function Testing
10.  Clinical Application of the Chest Radiograph
11.  Interpretation of the Electrocardiogram
12.  Assessment of the Neonatal and Pediatric Patient
13.  Assessment of the Older Patient
14.  Respiratory Monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit
15.  Assessment of Cardiac Output
16.  Assessment of Hemodynamic Pressures
17.  Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy
18.  Nutritional Assessment of Patients with Respiratory Disease
19.  Assessment of Sleep and Breathing
20.  Assessment of the Home Care Patient
21.  Documentation of the Patient Assessment

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